Top 10 Best Download Manager Chrome Extensions in 2023

In the beyond couple of years, Google Chrome has worked on a ton with an emphasis generally on soundness and refining the general client experience. In any case, Chrome’s local download chief has not been refreshed a lot and misses the mark on fundamental highlights like continuing broken downloads, planning, download speed increase, and so forth. Fortunately there are various outsider Chrome augmentations and applications which work way better compared to Chrome’s barebone download supervisor. So until Google brings the helpful download elements to Chrome, you can utilize these augmentations which offer every one of the vital highlights you are searching for. Here are the best download supervisor chrome augmentations that you ought to utilize
Note: Downloading content from the web might add up to robbery. So ensure you go through the substance strategy of sites prior to downloading and sharing the substance.

Google Chrome Download Supervisor Augmentations (2023)
There are two sorts of download director Chrome expansions that are accessible. The primary kind is the independent download director Chrome expansions that don’t expect you to download a free application. The subsequent kind is the download administrator applications that accompany Chrome expansions to help get the download documents. In this article, we will impart to you both of these augmentations so you can pick the one you need. In any case, before we get to our rundown there’s something I might want to talk about further:

Utilizing Chrome Banners to Further develop Chrome Downloads
While the facts really confirm that Chrome doesn’t have a decent download supervisor, you can improve it utilizing a Chrome Banner. For the new, Chrome Banners are trial includes that Google is trying at some random time. You can play with these banners to gain admittance to highlights that are still being developed.

google-chrome-banner equal downloads

There’s a banner called “Equal downloading” that you can empower to speed up download speed by breaking the documents into more modest lumps, like how IDM and other download directors work. This is perfect for clients who would rather not utilize outsider augmentations. You can track down this banner by going to the chrome://banners page and afterward looking for it.

With that far removed, we should get to our rundown, will we?

Independent Download Supervisor Chrome Expansions

1. Chrono Download Manager

There is likewise a sniffer mode that allows you to examine for downloadable connections in a website page. It can download 20 records immediately, and if you need to expand the simultaneous download limit, you can do as such. Also, we halted and continued forthcoming downloads on numerous occasions, and it didn’t break the association so that is perfect. Chrono Download Director upholds a wide range of documents whether it’s video, picture, zip, and so on. Likewise, there is an expansion channel that allows you to alter the sort of documents it will download. All things considered, it’s a finished chrome download supervisor in itself and works generally.

2. Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is arguably the most popular download manager on Windows which supports all major browsers including Chrome. There is an IDM extension that integrates with Chrome and allows IDM to seamlessly intercept download links from the browser. The best part about IDM is that it accelerates the download speed using Dynamic Segmentation technology and it’s one of the fastest out there. Apart from that, the IDM extension can parse all types of media files including video, audio, image, etc. So yes, you can easily download videos from YouTube and other popular websites.

IDM Internet Download Manager
There are a couple of advanced options as well. It lets you grab downloadable links from a webpage, schedule and prioritize your pending downloads and add a batch of links at once. Besides, it supports various proxy servers and can recover broken downloads using its comprehensive error recovery technology. All in all, it’s a complete download manager and the seamless integration with Chrome makes it even more capable. If you are a Windows user, you should look no further.

3. Online Download Manager

Online Download Manager is another extension in our list that is decent and provides a few basic controls to the user. The performance is good enough with decent speed, but sometimes it lags while opening the download manager. The good thing is that you can manage all your downloads with just a click on the extension, no need to leave your current window. Apart from that, you can filter out the file types that you want to download. Do note that Online Download Manager doesn’t support downloads from popular media websites including YouTube. However, if you want a simple download manager which can put all your downloads a click away, you can try this extension.

Online Download Manager Install: (Free)

4. Turbo Download Manager (v2)

Turbo Download Manager (v2) is a simple extension that clubs all your downloads in a small window and provides basic controls. It is a multi-thread download manager with a built-in audio, video, and image grabber. You can start, pause and resume multiple downloads without fear of breaking the connection. Apart from that, it offers notifications for download completion, a handy search bar, and a filter to categorize your downloads. If you are looking for a simple download manager which can be accessed with just a click, Download Manager is for you.

Turbo Download Manager (v2) Install: (Free)


Xtreme Download Manager is a powerful tool to increase download speed up to 500%, save streaming videos from websites, resume broken/dead downloads, and schedule and convert downloads. XDM seamlessly integrates with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Quantum, Opera, Vivaldi, and other Chromium and Firefox-based browsers, to take over downloads and save streaming videos from the web. DXM has a built-in video converter that lets you convert your downloaded videos to different formats so that you can watch them on your mobile or TV (100+ devices are supported)

Downloads Xtreme Download Manager Latest Release – XDM 2020 Version 7.2.11

6 Folx

It’s often said that Folx is the IDM of Mac and I can vouch for it after testing the app. Similar to IDM, Folx offers a Chrome extension to catch download links from the web. The Folx extension supports all types of files and almost all major websites. Talking about the speed, it has something called simultaneous fetching which accelerates the download speed significantly. Basically, it splits the file into multiple threads and merges all the chunk files once the download is complete.

There is support for a proxy server that lets you download files anonymously from the web. You can also schedule downloads, move the downloaded files to iTunes automatically, search for torrents right from the app, resume interrupted downloads, etc. Basically, you get all the standard as well as the advanced features you would want in a download manager. If you are a Mac user and looking for a Chrome extension that can easily download files from the web, you should definitely try Folx. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

folx Install: (Free Version, Pro Version $19.95)

7. Free Download Manager

As the name suggests, Free Download Manager is a free app to download and organize files in an easy manner. It’s available on both Windows and Mac and offers an extension to intercept links from the web. You just have to click on the download tool and FDM will start downloading the file right away. It also supports download acceleration which works on similar technology of splitting, downloading, and merging files.

Free Download Manager

Apart from that, you can resume broken downloads, schedule pending files, adjust traffic usage, and download BitTorrent files. I found two more interesting features which are not available on other download managers: file previews before downloading and partial download of a zip file. Both these features are really useful and can help users decide if they want to proceed with the download. So if you are looking for a free download manager which can provide you all the premium features, I have no hesitation in recommending Free Download Manager. It ticks all the boxes and you should definitely give it a try before going for a paid one.

Free Download Manager Install: (Free)

8. FlareGet

FlareGet is another cross-platform download manager with enhanced extension support. It is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux and provides deep integration with Chrome through the FlareGet extension. You can download all types of files from the web and organize them with tags and labels. Besides, FlareGet supports download acceleration which uses dynamic file segmentation technology. The best part is that it can automatically retrieve broken downloads if the system suffered power failure or abrupt crashes during the download process.

FlareGet supports various protocols and lets you set up a proxy server so that you can download content anonymously. It has support for download scheduling and batch download as well. The clipboard monitoring feature is pretty underrated as it monitors all your copied URLs and instantly offers you to download the file without any manual input. On the whole, it has got all the standard features you are looking for and the dedicated Chrome extension does the job superbly well. For a change, you try FlareGet and see if it fits your bill.

FlareGet Install: (Free, $9.99)

9. EagleGet

EagleGet is a powerful download manager for Windows and it has got some really cool features under the hood. Along with the main program, EagleGet brings an extension that catches download links directly from the browser. On the performance side, it is pretty reliable and provides consistent download speed. It uses a similar kind of advanced multi-threading technology which speeds up the download speed significantly. Among other things, EagleGet can detect multiple types of media content from a webpage and allows the user to download the content instantly. 


You also get various features like smart scheduling, clipboard capture, integrity check for downloaded files, media conversion after download, etc. Among all the download managers, I found EagleGet to be the most feature-packed. If you are looking for a download manager which does the basics well, but at the same time provides tons of features, EagleGet is the one to go for.

EagleGet Install: (Free)

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10. iDownload Manager

iDownload Manager is a simple yet powerful download manager app for Windows. Just like other download managers, it also offers an extension that lets you download files and media content with just a click from the browser. The good thing about this app is that it’s available on Microsoft Store, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of downloading the setup file and installing it. Just click on the install button and you are all set.
download manager apart from that, download Manager supports all the standard features including accelerated download, resuming expired downloads, scheduler, automatic download categorization, etc. So if you are looking for a Metro-style Windows app that tightly integrates with Chrome, iDownload Manager is the perfect choice for you. Give it a try to and see if it sticks for you.

iDownload Manager Install: (Free, $9.99/year)

Install Chrome Extension to Manage Your Downloads
There are plenty of download managers out there, however, we found these ten to be the best in terms of reliability and performance. If you want a simple download manager for Chrome, you can just install one of the standalone extensions and you are good to go. However, if you want more features then we would recommend a full-fledged download manager for your PC or Mac. Anyway, in case you have any questions or want to suggest something new, you can comment down below.


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